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5 Surprising Ways CRM Can Help Your Business

Improve the Data You Have

You have data coming in from your sales teams, even if its too much, too fragmented and stored in disparate locations. A CRM system will allow you to manage your data and improve the quality of the data by making it accessible in real-time, connected to a central database, and making it actionable across your company.

Take Action on Data

A CRM system can help you get the insights you need to take action on your data. For example, which accounts have been neglected? With a CRM system you can set up activities to activate stagnant accounts. Without such insights, your sales teams are left in the dark and opportunities fall through the cracks.

Manage Sales Team Activity

What is your sales team up to? Are they making calls to prospects or existing customers? A sales leader can give teams direction to best meet business goals, all within their CRM system. Doing so will align your salespeople to mission critical tasks.

Grow Sales

Yes, CRM systems can help you grow sales…by better managing your sales teams. The key is that activities tracked in your CRM system need to clearly ladder up to the larger goal of increasing sales. If your sales teams is being tracked to increase prospect calls in order to increase territory coverage, it is possible that your CRM system will contribute to increased sales.

More Informed Decision Making

CRM systems gather the data that you think is important and that you want to change, enabling you to review that data, and make decisions on it. While it can’t help you make better decisions, it can help you access the data to make more informed decisions. CRM at its most fundamental is a decision-making tool.

Freedom of choice 

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